Understanding How Harmony Place Monterey’s Dr. Mark Schwartz Helps Patients With Eating Disorders

Dr. Mark Schwartz, Clinical Director at Harmony Place Monterey, has a degree in Psychology from John Hopkins University and over three decades of experience in helping people deal with conditions that dramatically affect their lives. He specializes in several spheres, one of which is eating disorders.

Understanding Eating Disorders 

Eating disorders are usually neglected and not given the kind of focus that many other disorders are. This is because, most often, patients do not realize that they are not in control of their eating habits. They do not want to express their concerns to a therapist or even loved ones. Whether it is bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, or any other form of an eating disorder, there is still a fair amount of shame and ignorance that surrounds these disorders.

Eating disorders are a symptom of underlying issues that eat away at a person’s self-esteem and confidence. They affect an individual’s manner of eating, a process that offers the body sustenance and is essential to its survival. Patients and their families must understand that while eating disorders have been given a specific and distinct diagnostic classification, they do have commonalities with addictive disorders. 

Without therapy, a person who suffers from an eating disorder will continue to escalate until it takes a toll on their health and life. Whether one is bingeing, restricting food, or purging, over time, an eating disorder will worsen. The symptoms of the eating disorder will become habitual and compulsive, and over time it may shadow all aspects of a person’s personal as well as professional life. 

Quite like an addiction, an eating disorder continues to grow. After a while, the temporary relief gained from vomiting, bingeing, or excessive exercise will not be enough, and the symptoms will worsen. At Harmony Place Monterey, Dr. Mark Schwartz and his team of experienced therapists offer patients individual as well as group sessions. The aim is to uncover the deep-rooted issues that cause eating disorders and deal with them in a secure and safe environment. 

Dr. Mark Schwartz’s Approach to Eating Disorders

Dr. Mark Schwartz advocates the use of therapy to help patients acknowledge core issues that are the root of their eating disorders. He believes that when patients develop new life skills, it empowers them and helps them see themselves in a new light. To this end, Dr. Mark Schwartz and his team of therapists use advanced technology and research to ensure that patients receive the very best care.

Under Dr. Mark Schwartz’s guidance, Harmony Place Monterey uses a wide range of treatments to suit the requirements of patients. These include interpersonal therapy, nutritional therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. As patients begin to face their disorders, they learn to take control of their eating habits and their lives, one step at a time. They learn to deal with their emotions, and with the world around them, in a more adaptive manner. By gaining confidence in their ability to control their eating habits, they also gain confidence in themselves. 

Harmony Place Monterey offers both inpatient as well as outpatient programs to suit the needs and requirements of its patients. The right treatment plan is key to a successful recovery from an eating disorder. And this is why Harmony Place Dr. Mark Schwartz does not believe that there is one single plan that caters to the needs of every patient. He says that people who suffer from eating disorders must understand that it is an addiction and requires therapy. If an individual feels that they are not in control of their eating habits, it is vital to seek help.