Hidden Hazards Around Your Pool

Having a pool in your backyard gives you an oasis from the heat and a place to get away from the stress of the world. However, your pool could cause stress if you do not control the dangers around it. Everything from the pool deck to the water could cause injuries to you and your family. Knowing how to make your pool and the entire area around it safer will preserve both your mental health and your family’s physical well-being.

1. The Deck

The deck around your pool provides your family with a safe way to enter the water. If you don’t have a deck and an above-ground pool, people can only access the pool via a ladder. Excited kids can easily fall from the ladder while trying to get into the pool. Additionally, not having a deck around an above-ground pool creates a hazard if someone tries to sit on the ledge of the pool. If they fall back, they will tumble several feet backward and strike the ground.

While not having a pool deck is dangerous, you must ensure that you choose a deck with a waterproof, non-slip surface. After installation, you must maintain the deck regularly to ensure the integrity of the surface and that it will not hold water that swimmers could slip on.

2. The Fence

If you have a pool, you must have a fence around it to protect your kids and other children in the neighborhood. In fact, many municipalities require fences with locks around pools to prevent kids from sneaking in and swimming unattended, putting them at risk of drowning. Check your local requirements and make sure that your pool fence stands up to them every year.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a fence that surrounds the pool on all four sides, has a latch that only an adult can open, does not allow children to climb or squeeze through, and stays locked when not using the pool.

3. The Water

Just as you need to regularly check the integrity of your pool deck and fence, you also must maintain the water throughout the swimming season. Poorly balanced pool chemicals or dirty water can cause the pool to have a strong chlorine scent that can affect those with breathing problems. People carrying dirt on their bodies into the pool or using the pool as a toilet are among the biggest offenders of germs in pool water.

To keep the water as clean as possible, have everyone rinse off before entering the pool. Plus, do not allow your children to use your pool water as a toilet. Also, regularly check the pH and chemical levels to keep germs at bay and the water clean and healthy.

A Safer Pool Starts With You

You are responsible for the pool area and its safety. Before and during the summer, check your pool deck, fence, and water quality to keep everyone happy and healthy throughout the swimming season.