All You Need To Know About Security Guard Jobs In Mumbai   

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When you think about a security guard, you may think of an individual with a uniform and being firm and well-built and sometimes bearing a weapon in their hands. In India, almost all commercial spaces and residential societies appoint a security guard despite having other security systems in place like a CCTV camera, vandalism alarms, etc. This is because no technology can replace the need for a security guard. 

Being a security guard is a challenging job, and it requires you to carry out special duties and it requires specific skills. In this write-up, we discuss all about security jobs. 

First, let us understand who is a security guard?

A security guard is an individual who patrols and inspects against various threat to the human and property like vandalism, fire, terrorism, theft, and illegal activities. The primary task of a security guard is to monitor people and property, ensure their safety and prevent crime and damages. 

Duties and responsibilities of a security guard

Depending on the workplace, the duties, and responsibilities of a security personnel change. However, in general, they carry out the following duties. 

  •     Protect the building and the occupants and enforce law
  •     Monitor the alarms and CCTV systems
  •     Control and restrict access within for employees, visitors, and outsiders
  •     Conduct a thorough security checks 
  •     Prevent unsolicited visits within the building
  •     Detain criminal violators
  •     Check the credentials of the vehicles entering and leaving the building premises
  •     Do crowd control
  •     Maintain order at all times

Skills required to be a security guard

When you think of security jobs in Mumbai, you may think it is too easy as it requires you to stand guard on the premises. However, the truth is, it is a very challenging and responsible job, and it requires you to have several skills, apart from being physically strong and mentally tough. 

  •     Be able to operate and handle different types of arms and safety equipment
  •     Have a valid license to operate and use the arms when required
  •     Be aware of the various security-related laws
  •     Good communication skills. You must be polite yet firm with everyone
  •     Think critically and have the ability to make quick decisions, especially during an emergency
  •     Good judgement qualities during potentially dangerous situations
  •     Work independently and in a team
  •     Be able to follow and give orders correctly during a threat

What are some of the job titles for security jobs?

Different organisations have different designations for the security personnel, most used titles are:

  •     Security officer
  •     Security guard
  •     Protection officer

Places where you can find a job as a security guard

Almost all business entities and residential premises require security guards to safeguard the inhabitants and the building. So, if you are looking for a job as a security, you can find job in:

  •     Public places like airports, railway stations, malls, cinema halls, etc. 
  •     Cruise ships
  •     Be a personal security guard to VIPs, celebrities
  •     Commercial buildings like corporate offices, amusement parks, public monuments, bank, etc

Final Word

Now that you know about the different aspects of security guard jobs, if you are looking to pursue a job in the field, make sure that you focus on developing your skills and you will surely find the job you want. 






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