An Introduction to Garden Hose Fittings

When it comes to garden hose, buying is no longer as easy as it used to be, with many different style of garden hose now available, as well as different accessories and fittings for each. There has never been such as great and extensive collection on garden lay flat hose pipes than there currently is, and with this is mind today we are here to provide all with some much needed information, here to explain the basic qualities of each of the most popular type of garden hose fitting.

Whether you already have a quality garden hose, or you are still looking to purchase one, here are some of the important and very useful fitting that you might want to consider for your hose:

Taps and Faucets – Known as faucets in much of the word, including in America and Canada, Taps is the name given in the UK! Garden hose taps in England refer to the fitting which supplies water to sinks, baths and wash basins. Taps are often also outside, known as outside taps and gardens taps – generally only in place for the use of hose.

Connectors – Hose connectors are used to connect hoses to taps as tightly and securely as possible allowing for ease and efficiency when using garden hose. Hose connectors generally feature a threaded connection measured in British Standard Pipe (BSP) inches so that people can select connectors which fit their existing hose impeccably. Popular sizes of hose connector include ½”, ¾” and 1”. Both male and female connectors are available.

Joiners –  Joiners for garden hose enable gardeners to fit hose extenders, split the direction of water flor, repair hoses and more. They are generally compatible with most hose and can transform hose to make them more suitable for intended applications.

Water distributors – water distributors are used when people need to split their water supply to enable them to direct water to different areas and zones within their gardens. Water distributors aloe people to split their water supply through multiple hoses without losing pressure. Water distributors can now only allow for water to be split in two ways either – some distributors allow gardeners to distribute their water supply by up to six separate ways.

O rings and washers – People who own garden hose should ensure that they constantly have replacement o’rings and washers to fit their exact hose and connectors so that if they need changing they can do so quickly without having to face any garden hose downtime.

The Hosemaster

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