Changes to General Shooting Licenses in Wales Now in Effect 

If you are a shooter living in Wales you will no doubt understand the importance of understanding and keeping up to date with the law surrounding shooting before you go out shooting with your Walther air rifles, and luckily for you we are here to provide you with information regarding a change that has now been made to general shooting licenses in Wales.

Natural Resources Wales has removed some key species from general licenses, including rooks, jays, collared doves, feral pigeon and Canada geese, now in effect. These changes came into effect on 7th October 2019.

Changes to GL001, GL002 and GL004

GL001 which was introduced in order to prevent serious damage to livestock and foodstuffs for livestock including crops, vegetables and fruits and also to prevent the spreading of diseases to livestock and foodstuff for livestock and since 7th October 2019 this will no longer include rook jay or collared dove.

GL002 which is in place to help preserve public health and to assist in preventing the spread the spread of disease. Since 7th October 2019 this no longer includes wood pigeon, collared dove, jackdaw rook, jay magpie or carrion crow.

GL004 backing the conservation of wild birds has from 7ths October 2019 this has no longer included rook, feral pigeon or Canada goose.

Some people are shocked by these new changes to General Licenses and some even disagree, some believing they will cause more harm than good. People are being urged to in coming months to keep an especially close eye out on any further changes which may be made.

Shooting Laws

It is really important for the shooting community to stay up to date and adhere to the law at all times not only to ensure that they stay on the right side of the law at all times but also so the nobody gets injured. Luckily for shooters there are many resources available for them to brush up their knowledge including websites such as this one. Information regarding shooting laws are even detailed on the government website for all to see.

Shooting Supplier

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