Best wardrobe designs for contemporary homes

Wardrobes are the primary storage units installed in the common areas and bedrooms. These storage almirahs are designed keeping various factors in mind such as space-efficiency, aesthetics, functionality and of course, budget. Whether to buy a readymade wardrobe or get it made from the scratch is another decision to make while designing the storage area of the rooms. It is advised that about only one-eighth of the room space should be confined to wardrobes so that the remaining area looks spacious and well-designed.

Interesting wardrobe designing ideas for modern and contemporary living spaces

When you have decided the criteria for wardrobes, it is time to select the design that suits those criteria the best. Some of the interesting wardrobe design ideas are:

  1. Wardrobes with stylish mirrors

You can have the stylish mirrors attached on the doors of the wardrobes. This helps multiple ways. First, it helps a small room look bigger. Secondly, it offers you lot of space for dressing up and checking yourself out before moving out of the room. The back of the mirrors inside the wardrobe can have the hooks or the pockets for hanging or keeping small things which are most likely to get lost and are needed the most frequently too.

  1. Wardrobes with drawers

Mostly, the wardrobes with 4-5 doors designed to fit one side of the wall are enriched further with the wardrobes. The drawers can be given at the bottom of 2-3 adjacent columns. The number of shelves of the drawers can also be increased to 3 to 4 and placed in a sequence to create a pattern. This is ideal for modern homes where everything is supposed to be locked inside. The drawers offer ideal space for storing towels, napkins, socks, makeup items and various other things.

Till now, only one drawer at the bottom designed as space for shoes was in vogue. But, with the help of more innovations, the drawer arrangement has become more stylish in the present times.

  1. Wardrobes with dual colored doors

This design idea has more to do with the look of the wardrobe. The doors or panels of the wardrobe can be designed in red and white, green and blue, black and white or any other combination that looks good when placed together. The wardrobes having variously colored doors mostly have white as one of the complementary colors and it certainly helps in adding lighter toned elements to the space.

  1. Wardrobes with display units

This is another space-efficient design idea that maximizes the utility of wardrobes. You can have an open column between the two parts of the wardrobe. This open column looks classier when it is on either end of the wardrobe. The display unit area can be designed to fit a TV set, or it can be used as space for displaying collectibles or show-items. Some designers divide the display area into multiple shelves and use it for keeping storage boxes where the things of daily use are kept for easy and fast access.

Thus, you can pick the wardrobe design ideas from above according to your needs and spending ability. All these ideas work great and fit the contemporary spaces stylishly.

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