Choosing Appropriate Makeup Brush for Daily Routine

Makeup brushes are the main tools for personal beauty preparations. It is hard to apply even a foundation without a brush. Whether you beautify your eyes, cheeks oreyebrows, a makeup brush is necessary. lets the makeup artists, professionals and users buy special beauty tools at discounted prices. It offers Look Fantastic Discount Code so everyone has freedom to collect the necessary beauty tools and devices. Understanding the important types and features of a brush is important in order to complete your makeup table collection.

A Helping Tool for Better Finish:

Who doesn’t love an even and smooth finish? Everyone likes to have a better and even finish on skin. This is what makes your skin glowing and attractive. This job is impossible with hands. Most makeup artists use their hands for application of creams, lotions and oils. However, they will use the brush to distribute these makeup items evenly. Do you know any other method of even application? Share with us and let the people know about foundation and skincare applications.

Foundation Brushes:

It is not necessary but it is good. As mentioned above, most beauticians don’t use the brushes. However, use of a foundation brush ensures that application is smooth and even. Foundation brush is important when you use a powder foundation. It helps to relocate the fine powder particles on the skin. On the other hand, it is also good if you don’t want to see the powder in the fingernails.

Liquid Foundation Brushes:

These are “Flat Tapered” brushes best for the liquid foundations. It lets the foundation reach into the hard to reach areas such as around the nose and under the eyes. It is a multirole brush but users should take care when using it. Get the affordableliquid brushes with Look Fantastic Discount Code.Order the right foundation brush from Look Fantastic store and receive at your door in any city of Malaysia.


It is also called “Stippling” or “Airbrush.”It is a sophisticated brush. It takes longer to distribute the makeup on skin. However, it is famous for the precision and accuracy. Makeup artists who want to develop sheer coverage always use this type of foundation brush. It is also an option for application of highlighters, powders and bronzers.

Buffing Brushes:

These are famous as “Flat Top” brushes. These are favorites of many beauticians. These are just like the airbrushes but these are easy to use and offer fast application. Put the foundation slowly on skin and develop coverage. It is just like a painting brush which takes some of the paint from plate and applies it to canvas.


Bring the best sponge with Look Fantastic Discount Code for sheer coverage. It ensures less wastage of foundation while giving a smooth and even surfacing. Take care while using the sponge to apply foundation. Never press the sponge with hard hands. Also ensure that sponge is completely dry so it will not absorb the foundation and build a thorough layer.