Choosing Your Orthodontic Treatment Options: Invisalign Vs. Traditional Braces

If you’re searching “orthodontist Annapolis,” then more than likely either you or your child has gaps, misalignments, or other aesthetic smile issues. You have two main options to help: Invisalign or braces. Both can correct your smile, but they vary slightly. Therefore, you should understand the differences.

Aesthetic Appearance

When you search for an orthodontist, Annapolis has several options to choose from, many of which offer both Invisalign and standard braces. Invisalign is more aesthetically appealing for many individuals. They aren’t as noticeable because they’re clear trays you place over your teeth, and you may take them out as long as you’re wearing them for a specific amount of time. You could also choose lingual braces, which have the bands, brackets, and wires on the inside of your mouth, so the hardware isn’t as noticeable.

How They Function

Both aligners and braces work in the same manner. Both place pressure on your teeth to shift them into the proper position. The aligners use trays that change in their shape to correct your teeth. Braces, on the other hand, have brackets, bands, and wires that work together to correct your misalignments.

Eating With Your Aligners or Braces

With braces, you have restrictions on what you can eat. For instance, you shouldn’t eat gum, chewy or hard candy, or popcorn, among others. With clear aligners, you can eat whatever you want. Anything that you shouldn’t have while your tray is in will be discussed with you with your orthodontist in Annapolis. To eat the foods or beverages you shouldn’t have, all you have to do is remove the tray and you can eat or drink whatever you want.

Length They Take to Work  

The length of time it takes for braces or aligners varies from patient to patient based on the severity of correction they need. Usually, we advise patients who need to have major corrections to get braces. Aligners move your teeth slowly while braces can shift your teeth more and quicker. On average, a person wears Invisalign for six to 18 months while an individual usually wears braces for at least 18 months. This difference is because Invisalign is a more gradual change but used on patients who don’t have severe spacing issues.


You can take your tray out when you brush or floss while you have to brush around your braces. You’ll need to have appointments to tighten your braces and determine the next aligner for you.

When comparing your options for smile correction, it’s important to understand that you have options. Ideally, you want to choose the option that fits your lifestyle the best. When you visit an orthodontist in Annapolis, you’ll get a more thorough comparison and can compare them better after your consultation.

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