Custom-designed paint and curing facilities to suit manufacturing specifics are the key to outstanding results

Regardless of what you are manufacturing, the finished quality of the product will be an essential consideration for customers. Whether it’s vehicles or manufacturing components, metal, carbon fiber, or plastic, the final finish speaks volumes about the overall manufacturing quality.

And like all elements of the manufacturing process, the paint finishing process must integrate seamlessly with the overall production systems, delivering efficiency, reducing waste, and minimizing or removing re-works.

Manufacturing is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. The most effective and highest quality product comes from custom-designed facilities, manufacturing equipment, technology, and support systems. That principle applies equally to thefinishing stages of the manufacturing process. If you’re building cars, your painting and curing facilities will have different requirements than if you are manufacturing aeronautical panels, or trains, or smaller plastic componentry.

That means to deliver the best results; you need to focus equally on the manufacturing paint finishing facilities and systems as you do on the rest of the build process.Ideally, that means you will need to consider a bespoke, custom-designed, and built painting and curing facilitythat integrates with the rest of the manufacturing process and delivers outstanding results most efficiently.

In addition to supporting and integrating with the overall manufacturing process, a custom-designed painting and curing facility will operate efficiently to eliminate waste and reduce input costs, deliver consistently high-quality paint finishes, ensure the safety of operators and utilize the latest and best technology. Whether it’s an entirely new paint finishing facility or an upgrade to your existing painting and curing system, it is critical to consider engaging the best industry experts to deliver a customized, high quality, and efficient facility.

DRYSYS Spray-Cure is the leading provider for the design, construction, and commissioning a range of high performance, efficient and innovative paint finishing facilities or entire paint shops. Spray-Cure’s facilities are extensively used by manufacturers and re-finishers for all types of vehicles and can be designed for carbon fiber, metal, and plastic components of all sizes.

Utilizing industry-leading expertise, combined with high-quality devices and proven equipment, and applying the latest in programmable logic controls (PLC) to ensure safe, efficient, and consistent outcomes, Spray-Cure can design, construct and install facilities to suit any manufacturing process.

At the heart of Spray-Cure’s approach is a genuine commitment to partnering with our clients and customers to deliver consistently outstanding results. Our in-house expertise means that we will work with you closely to understand your manufacturing requirements, opportunities, and constraints to ensure our custom-designed facility integrates seamlessly with your existing processes. And we operate as a single-source supplier, so you don’t need to be distracted with project managing a range of service providers and running the risk of under-delivery through poor communication or planning.

Spray-Cure’s holistic systems covering process, application, conveying, controls, automation and supervisory technology, for all types of vehicles, carbon fibre products, and metal and plastic components, deliver bespoke, outstanding results for manufacturers in any industry.