Five Vehicle Parts that are Prone to Wear and Tear

Routine vehicle maintenance is important to spot any issues and fix them. It includes replacing parts that fail because of normal wear and tear or improper maintenance. Below are the car parts that are prone to wear and tear:


As the battery of a vehicle begins to fail, the car’s performance will suffer. In fact, it runs the risk of failure. Battery failure is often caused by low charge and acid stratification. Also, poor driving habits like leaving lights and air conditioner running the car is not started can cause battery issues. Generally, the battery must be replaced every 4-5 years.

Brake Rotors

Rotors prevent the brake system of the vehicle from overheating during use. But, they can become less efficient, over time, because of friction from the brake pads and calipers. Brake rotors that are too worn down can lead to a brake failure.

Exterior Lights

These lights include turn signals, brake lights, and taillights which fail more often than headlights. Failures of these lights are something you may not notice while you are behind the wheel. That is why you must inspect the lights regularly before you take your vehicle to the road.


Flying debris and dirt can hit the windshield while you drive, causing dings or stress cracks. The glass may crack or completely shatter when an accident happens. To prevent scratches on the surfaces, make sure to regularly clean an intact windshield. Stress cracks can be prevented from spreading by applying clear tape. Also, the vehicle must be kept at a consistent temperature until the new glass has been installed.

Spark Plugs

Spark plug issues can be lead to performance issues like slow acceleration, difficulty starting the vehicle, and engine surging. Replacing the spark plugs is an expensive and easy repair.  Check the owner’s manual to find the plug and look for visible wear and tear.