Gadgets from Fiction You Can Use in Real Life

From movies and television to books and comics, so many works of fiction have made use of technological advancements from the corners of different creators’ imaginations to feed the story and build a world filled with adventure and intriguing plots that keep moving forward. Some of these gadgets and tools have become a reality, though, and are already available for different uses today. Read on for some interesting devices that have been previously seen in the annals of fiction.

  • MSAT Satellite

You may have watched Jodie Foster sift through alien radio signals in Contact or played through the mystery game Firewatch. You may have even marveled at the possibilities that could lie with just a satellite walkie talkie but thought that the capabilities they’ve displayed in those stories were stretched for convenience to the stories. However, today there are MSAT satellite radios that make use of 23,000-foot towers to allow fleets to communicate with each other from the edges of the world. This technology uses push-to-talk functionality that works on land and sea and does not rely on the internet to function 24/7.

That makes it one of the interesting infrastructures currently being used in various trades that straddle the line of the old and new by using existent tech that has merely been upgraded to a more powerful and unprecedented version to be used more effectively.

  • Hoverboard

Sure, these aren’t quite as commercially available as the Back to The Future franchise may have led us to believe, but they exist now. They are constantly being upgraded and improved to make those easy-cruising dreams come true eventually. Many variations from companies are trying different approaches to achieve both the visual and practical goals that have been created by Sci-Fi’s presentation of the hoverboard. Some of the most promising ones make use of quantum mechanics and magnetic fields. Though this has seen limited hover time, it’s hit closest to the mark and marks a promising move toward what the future might look like for hobbyists and transportation with enough research and further funding.

  • Full wall TV

Ray Bradbury created many of the most iconic works in science fiction that are lauded today as predicting many of our modern-day knick-knacks, social habits, and gadgets. Among his many imagined tech pieces is the flat-screen television that essentially encompasses a whole wall. It produces a much clearer picture than a projector would and boasts all the capabilities consumers look for in their TVs today. The product that meets Bradbury’s descriptions is Samsung’s offering, “The Wall.” With MicroLED technology, the screen spans 292 inches and is capable of 8k resolution. This entry is a stunning luxury display that is a hallmark of society’s ever-growing fascination for consuming digital media and having tools to make it an intrinsic part of the 21st century’s daily lifestyle.

More and more innovations continue to pour out of inventors and major tech companies that cater to both the common public and massive industries that keep society running. With the way things are going, it seems like anything fiction can be made a reality by tomorrow.