Healthy at Home Hair Color


Being able to color your hair at home is even more pertinent now with the pandemic. Being stuck at home is no reason to not look good. Madison Reed’s how to color hair at home is as easy as it gets. Madison Reed has your perfect shade no matter your hair type along with simple instructions and expert tips. All hair dyes from Madison Reed are gentle and safe on all hair types.

You may ask how Madison Reed can help you find your perfect shade? Start by taking the Color Quiz provided on their website. This will pose questions relating to your hair color and what you would like to do with your hair, this helps you get the shade that is just right for you. If you have more questions, you can always reach out to their selection of professional colorists for information and assistance by phone at 1-855-742-5916. You can also visit their blog which provides various articles on hair coloring, hairstyles, tutorials, and more.

48 hours before dyeing your hair it is highly recommended you do a sensitivity test. If there is no adverse reaction you can proceed to wash your 24 hours prior to coloring. If you use any wax-based styling products, it is important to wash your hair before coloring because these products may hinder color absorption. The day after washing your hair is the best time for coloring. If using styling products, comb through the hair to remove any excess product before beginning the dyeing process.

The next step prior to coloring you should have everything you need set out in front of you. Madison Reed’s how to color hair at home recommended checklist is, a wide-tooth comb to pull the color through, clips for sectioning, an old towel for any spills, an old button-down shirt or smock or anything you don’t mind ending up stained. You can also check out their available accessories here.

When you are ready to color your hair, simply choose the instructions all available in PDF format that fit what you are doing such as all-over coloring for the first time, moving to a darker or lighter shade or touching up your roots, and refreshing your color.

When sectioning your hair for coloring, you need to first divide your hair into four sections by parting your hair down the middle and then split each half with an additional part line. Use hair clips to secure these sections in place, then you can proceed to color each section individually. The radiant cream color you will receive has a nozzle tip design that allows you to easily divide your hair into smaller segments as you color it. This method is especially helpful when you are coloring the areas of your hair you cannot see such as your hair in the back. Use the nozzle, create and color small rows a quarter-inch apart, one section at a time. It is recommended you use half of the bottle on your roots then massage the color in for total coverage before moving forward.

Then, after you color, you can protect and strengthen your new color with Madison Reed Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner that will nourish your hair and not strip it of the color like other shampoos might. Use cool water when shampooing and conditioning your hair as well as limiting exposure to direct sunlight and chlorinated water.