How An Electric Forklift Will Benefit Your Operation    

With virtually every industry looking for ways to be more efficient, the forklift marketplace is no different as numerous manufacturers have turned their attention to electric forklifts. While petrol-powered forklifts are bound to remain in warehouses and on worksites for years to come, this evolution can’t be ignored as there are several key benefits to using an electric forklift.

If your business is looking to replace or update its current set of forklifts, an electric alternative might be just what you need. With electric forklifts expected to dominate the marketplace in years to come, getting ahead of the curve might be particularly wise. Here, we take a quick look at some of the main advantages of using an electric forklift within your operation.

Cheaper to Operate

One of the biggest benefits of using electric forklifts is how much cheaper they are to operate versus diesel or LPG alternatives. With some studies finding that an LPG forklift’s annual fuel cost is fourfold greater than an electric vehicle, this cost-saving measure ensures your business has spare funds to improve other areas instead. While electric forklifts are more expensive to buy outright, reduced fuel and maintenance costs can make them highly cost-effective in the long run.

Better for the Environment

The manufacturing and construction industry is increasingly concerned with its environmental impact. As businesses of all shapes and sizes strive to implement sustainable practices, replacing your dirty petrol forklifts with electric ones can make a measurable difference. Thanks to a complete reduction in tailpipe emissions and less wasted fluid, choosing to buy an electric forklift could significantly improve your operation.

Safer for Workers

Electric forklifts are much quieter in contrast to petrol-powered vehicles, meaning your workers have more protection against loud noises on-site. This also means they have a far greater awareness of nearby hazards, including their coworkers and dangerous machinery. Meanwhile, if your operation is based inside a warehouse or another enclosed space, the lack of harmful emissions means electric forklifts are also much better for your teams’ overall health.

Modern electric forklifts also offer a range of safety features that older petrol versions simply don’t have. One of the most important is automatic brakes that are artificially applied whenever operators take their foot off the accelerator pedal. With many workplaces using forklifts within crowded environments, this automatic feature helps to keep everyone on-site safe during their shift.

Easy to Maintain

Petrol forklifts with internal combustion engines will always involve many more complicated parts compared to an electric vehicle. If your petrol-powered forklift happens to breakdown, it often means repairs become particularly complex and time-consuming. However, electric forklifts are relatively simple in comparison, as they don’t have traditional engines, gears or radiators.

Ultimately, these differences mean you won’t have to worry as much about maintenance. Plus, electric forklifts usually have longer lifespans than petrol-powered vehicles. In fact, they are expected to enjoy a lifespan of at least 20% to 40% longer than traditional forklifts.