How to Make Your Pet Door Safer at Home

Life for your family and pets becomes much easier when you have a pet door at home. It frees up your schedule to do more things outside the house, and your pets enjoy the freedom to go outside and play. If you’re thinking about getting a pet door installed, you may be wondering about their security. “Would my kids try to escape out of the house through the doggie door?” “What if a burglar tries to get inside?” These questions are common for homeowners to ponder. We’ll cover everything you need to know about making a pet door safer at home.

Connect the Dog Door to an Enclosed Area

Think about where you would you like your dog door to be. You’ll have added security by connecting it to an enclosed area, such as a fenced in yard. The ideal fence should be tall enough to keep your pets in and intruders out. If the yard is gated, a good exterior lock will do the trick. A pet door for an enclosed porch enables a pet that is small or strictly indoors to have access to fresh air.

Get a Door with a Secure Locking Mechanism

Out here in Australia, you never know what creature can venture in through the door! Fortunately, there are a number of quality pet doors that come with a sturdy locking mechanism. A regular PVC locking cover can get brittle and crack in the intense sunshine of the Southern Hemisphere. Composite is a sturdy material that will last much longer. A stronger material is more secure.

Invest in an Electronic Door

Thanks to the power of smart technology, there are even more options available to secure your pets and family. There are electronic dog doors, for example, that unlock when activated by the signal in a pet’s smart collar. Other kinds of electronic cat doors activate with a pet’s microchip. This kind of technology is very effective at securing the entryway, and the best part is, it’s hands-free! There are also tunnel extensions to pet doors available as needed for the best installation situation.

A Safe Solution for the Whole Family

It’s encouraging to know that these types of solutions provide safety for your family without sacrificing your pet’s freedom. By ensuring the enclosure of your pet’s living spaces and investing in strong security options for your pet door, you can have peace of mind leaving the house for your loved ones. There’s no need to fear when you have a great secure pet door that does its job keeping pets in, and intruders out. And, your furry family members will thank you for their newfound freedom!