How to Master the New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook algorithm changes usually make brands feel concerned about their presence on the platform. However, such changes do not need to seriously indicate trouble for brands. The key to surviving and mastering the new Facebook algorithm is to make some changes to current content strategies to boost the organic reach. As of March 2019, the social media giant offers context to why users see some organic posts and ads. This indicates that brands should hone in their audience targeting and encourage follower interactions. Also, the algorithm prioritizes personalization and relevant content.  Here’s how to master the new Facebook algorithm:

Give your Audience the Chance to Engage

This means asking your readers to comment or like if they like your content. Focus on making the action as easy as possible so people will do it. Facebook likes brands that get engagement.

When your readers leave comments, make sure to reply promptly. Whenever your posts get a comment, they will be featured on the top of the people’s news feed for a short period of time. And commenting back to these posts will place them on the top of the feed just the same.

Make your Facebook Content Native to Facebook

Facebook tends to lower the engagement percentage of posts not native to Facebook itself. Thus, ensure you don’t share your content from content scheduling services or other platforms. Think about creating a schedule and going in and posting organically at various time of the day.

Prioritize Video

Facebook emphasized that video content drives higher engagement and interactions from users than other kinds of content. A recent video ranking update highlights this even further. Videos can perfectly start conversations and keep the eyes of your audience glued to your page. Also, make sure to adopt Facebook Live to come up with compelling, real-time content for your audience.

Create Content that Drives Discussion without Being Spammy

This can be done by dealing with any questions to any given post. This can encourage comments without begging for them. Also, try to post content that is worthy of debate as long as it is appropriate. You can use controversial content but ensure you don’t end up offending or alienating your audience.

Learn to Reintroduce Current Content without Being Repetitive

There are many ways to make this happen. For instance, if you have already used a quote, think about switching thing up with a question or tag the second or third time. Also, consider repurposing your content.  Take advantage of many Facebook tools out there to transfer your pieces into something new. For example, a quote can be turned into a custom graphic using Adobe Spark.