How to prevent mice from entering your home

Mice are unwelcome pests that will intrude into your home if you don’t take adequate care especially as the weather becomes colder. The mice will seek to find a warm and safe haven into your home if given the opportunity. In the case of pest infestation such as mice, there are several companies that help with the elimination of them such as amco ranger termite and pest control. There are several ways to ensure that mice are kept out of your home therefore, ensuring that your home is protected from mice invasion.

Seal off all opening

The obvious solution for keeping mice out of your house is to ensure that they don’t get in, in the first place. Because of their size, they are able to fit through any opening no matter how small such as the width of a small finger. To ensure this doesn’t happen do a thorough inspection of your house from the outside. Once this is done, make sure to seal any cracks in the walls or the foundation of your home. If there are spaces where pipes are coming into your home also fill them in with some plaster and you can also have a mesh put around the pipes. Another point of entry could be windows, also ensure that your windows frames fit tightly together with the rest of the house structure. If there are any spaces or openings fill them up with some plaster.

Ensure no food littering on all surfaces

The abundance of food particles all over the house will provide an endless supply of food to the mice and this needs to be cut off. It is important to not leave food all over the place and also make sure that all counters are kept clean. The refrigerator and other appliances that are used for food preparation such as the cookers should be kept clean and clear of loose food particles and crumbs at all times. Food should also be kept in tightly closed containers, and also make sure that any food that spills or falls on the floor is cleaned up immediately.

Get rid of all clutter

Clutter is one of the most ideal places for mice to live and hide in. Normally clutter will be found in parts of the house that are not used a lot, for example, the basement or the attic. As a result, if clutter collects in such places the mice will habitat them and they will increase in number very quickly and before you know it you will have a mice infestation all over your house. Ensure that you pack your boxes well off the ground level and in addition use plastic containers whenever this is possible.

Using brush strips

A brush strip is essentially a small partition that is put at the bottom of a door to ensure that the gap between the floor and the door is covered up. This will ensure that they don’t get into the house and therefore it is necessary to have a brush strip placed on all the doors that lead to the outside of the house.

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