Know the Best Places for Staying In Yogyakarta

Who doesn’t love to roam around the places to explore the things and enjoy nature? If you are also one of them who loves to travel and roam around the multiple places with a group of friends and family or even alone, then this guide will help you to gather the details before going to a specific place. However, there is a number of the beautiful location in the world but it’s hard to cover all of them here. But fortunately, if you are planning to explore the Yogyakarta which is situated in Indonesia, then read this article till the end. It will help you to enjoy the location. 

If you are new in Yogyakarta then you must be wondering that where to go for staying or where will you get hotels at a cheap price. There are several facts that you should know about Yogyakarta when you are going there. Each part of this place is different from the other. That’s why the price of Yogyakarta hotels also varies with place. 

If you ask anyone about the direction in Yogyakarta, people there will direct you in a complex manner. Instead of saying go south and turn east at the crossroad, they will say go south and at the cross, the road turns east. So you need to decide where you want to stay, the South or East or West or north.

The 5 parts of Yogyakarta

This place is mainly divided into five parts. Each and every place has its own specifications. Let’s check about the five existing parts of this amazing place.

  • Jalan Prawirotaman or the South

This part of the city is called the Bohemian part of the city. All the artists of the city live in this place. That’s why this part is Rich by cultural heritage. All the tourism is situated in the center of this place. Street bars and clothing shops makes this place interesting for the tourists. 

  • Malioboro or the Center

The great Koh San road is in Molioboro. The rising price of this place make this place nearly impossible to access for the common people. Big buildings and smart streets are the most valuable things of this place. If you want to stay here then you need to spend a lot of money for sure.

  • The East or the Airport area

Here you will find several Universities and educational institutions. Luxury Shopping malls make this place a heaven for those who like marketing. Here all residential areas are giving the facilities of lodging. 

  • The North Place

Here you stay if you have come for a business trip. This place is very much costly for its several star hotels and fine gala restaurants. The most popular hotels in this city are situated in this region. 

  • Suburb or the West side

This is not a tourist area, if you want to stay here you should know this. There is not much to look here because it is mainly a residential area with a little bit of business. Kalibiru, national Park and the tea plantation is the most attractive places of this region.