A small community in the borough of Queens in New York is Maspeth. This area was formerly chartered by Dutch and English homeowners around the mid-17th century.  Maspeth was derived from the work Mespeatches Indians, included in the first few Indian settlers that lived in Long Island. Mespeatches means “at the bad waterplace” which is connected to the number of stagnant swamps in the area. Maspeth is also famous for its Mafia connections, At the Papavero Funeral Home lies John Gotti’s wake that bought connections of cinema and TV to the community. A scene from Goodfellas movie was also taken at Clinton Diner and the move “The sopranos” also played the car chase seen around Grand Avenue.


Maspeth boasts of its old-school Queens nature as evidenced by neighborhood of happy families, a cluster of small shops and restaurants, Maspeth residents may be seen on the Maspeth Plateau located at the high grounds of western part of Queens. It offers great view of the picturesque Manhattan skyline. Nestled in Grand Avenue are the haven for Irish bars and Diners and Poiish delis. The biggest hurdle of Maspeth in the neighborhood though is the proposed freight train terminal. It was projected to cause further traffic congestion and pollution. Though recently, even industrial industries fought for Maspeth and its stand on pollution which caused the industry to decline. Despite the industrial shortcomings, it is still able to lift up real estate prices. Book your Maspeth Hotels with


At the heart of the city, located in the 69th street and Grand Avenue is the Memorial Square. It is adorned with benches for afternoon relaxation and plaques to commemorate Maspeth dwellers and the 19 firefighters of FDNY Hazmat 1 Squad 288 who died in the September 11 bombing. For a day out with the kids, you may opt to visit Frontera Playground located right across LIE and is equipped with swings and jungle gyms that would sure be so much fun for the kids. For baseball fanatics and enthusiasts, one can make a visit to the Maurice Park with wide baseball fields. Also, for soccer field, you may try to visit NYC’s premier soccer field also known as Metropolitan Oval.


Maspeth’s best eating style is through diners. All around the city you can find nice Diners for good food and good company.  Fame Diner is a famous restaurant not only for its good food and quality service but also of its good priced menu. ABC Restaurant is also a Polish diner that offers superb daily Polish meals. For the movie fanatics, who can miss a scene from the movie Clinton Diner from the Goodfellas movie. Truck drivers acknowledge that Clinton diner is one of the best diners in New York City.


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