Most stylish and durable roof racks in Melbourne

For every car, roof racks can be versatile and a great addition that can make your road travel and vacation stress-free and enjoyable. Having a roof rack on top of your car can reduce your tension about space and storage during your trip. 

With appropriate roof rack, it is easier to carry bulky items such as sports gears, fishing rods, skis, bicycles, canoes, and kayaks etc. besides tools and supplies like ladders and even lumber for your work sites.

Types of roof racks

In order to carry these bulky and heavy items, many companies are selling roof racks in Melbourne such as:

  • Rooftop Bike Rack  

  • Kayak and canoe racks, boats and other water craft carriers.
  • Snowboard and snow-caked gear

  • Ski roof racks

  • Surfboard and paddleboard racks

  • Cargo Basket, shelving and holders

  • Cargo Box

You may also have roof box installed to carry sporting equipment, wet/dirty clothing, tents as well as luggage in them.

Benefits of roof racks

Roof racks become an integral part of your road trips if you have to carry excessive loads, sports gears, bicycles and various other items for fun enjoyment and adventure.

In addition, the installation of roof racks in Melbourne can also offer you various other benefits such as:

    • Improvement in the appearance of the vehicle – increase aesthetic appeal
    • Provides more comfortable space inside for travelling persons
    • More fresh air in the interior, with luggage on roof rack
    • Allows more luggage space
    • Makes your vehicle versatile for road trips
    • Facility for extra lights on the roof rack- especially for navigating through rough terrains during nights
  • Prevention of interior damage of your vehicle
    • Provision for an area to lock your sporting equipment
    • Increase in the inside comforts of your vehicle – without compromising the space inside the car.
    • Protection of your car from harsh weather conditions, such as rain or snow
  • Ensures safety of your car in the rough terrain and easy maneuverings driving on up-hill road

With so many advantages, it is always better for people moving for road trips to install high quality and durable roof racks in Melbourne on their vehicles.

What you need to consider while selecting roof racks?

While you decide to buy, you will be required to consider few important points, such as:

  • Determine roof type – whether your car is naked, with side rails or gutters?
  • Correctly measure roof size for cross bars – as front and rear width may be different. Car with side rail must be measured between the inside, middle and outside of the rails for mounting cross bars at different points. 
  • Roof weight limit – specific weight limit that your car can hold, generally mentioned in car owner’s manual
  • Use for roof deck – the kind of activity for which roof rack is installed is important for loads like bikes, skiing gears, kayaks etc. It is beneficial to use one that allows easy exchange accessories like bike mounts and kayak cradles and can be removed when not in use.
  • Style, specification, preference and durability

Should you require having one of the most durable, stylish and purposeful roof racks in Melbourne, do contact Roof Racks Superstore – leaders among roof racks manufacturers in Melbourne.