NetBase Solutions revolutionizes the use of social media tools to grow businesses

NetBase Solutions is a software development company based in Mountain View, California in the United States. It was founded in 2004 by Jonathan Speir and Michael Osofsky. NetBase is a cloud-hosted social media analytics application that offers artificial intelligence and social analytics used by global companies to build businesses, run brands and connect with their customers.

How NetBase works

The key features of NetBase include design performance measurement, reports and dashboards, social media monitoring and brand health monitoring.

It captures people’s mentions and comments about your brand through social media posts. Its NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine understands the sentiments behind the text. With this information, the system can provide you with insights on consumer info such as attitude, needs and their willingness to buy.

The software dashboard displays information in the form of graphs, heat maps and charts. NetBase also allows you to customize reports and have them mailed to your inbox. Its LIVE PULSE product helps you find engaging posts, influencers, most shared pictures, and identifying emerging trends.

Benefits of using NetBase reach your business goals

  1. It has advanced technologies

NetBase utilizes sophisticated technologies that comprehend customer sentiments and behaviour. With this information, you are able to devise new marketing strategies and improve those that you already have in place. The technologies include social listening and deep consumer insights.

The software has a customizable interface that you can use to search for specific information based on your needs. The visual dashboard amplifies insights to help you formulate more effective strategies.

  1. NetBase has a worldwide reach

NetBase has a global reach for 99 countries and supports 42 different languages. You can use them to implement successful local and global strategies. Its NPL technology and supported languages decipher slang, emoji and alternative language. This feature has attracted a long list of renowned clients.

  1. It is a handy analytic tool

Another feature of NetBase is Analytic capacity. Its intelligent track and report functionality monitors at all the intervals you need and generates reports in real-time based on the data it collects. You can also use it to track consumer behaviour and analyze emoji, hashtags and consumer specifics such as gender, interests, and age.

What are social media tools?

These are tools that analyze people’s response and opinions to a particular brand or product. There are three types of social media tools;

  1. Listening platforms. They gather information about what is said about your brand on different social media platforms
  2. Publishing platforms. They help spread your content worldwide through social media platforms

III. Competitive analysis platforms. Unlike other tools, competitive analysis platforms don’t focus on users. Instead, they place their focus on the brands and industries you are competing with to give you a strong understanding of the trends in your industry as well as untapped niches that you can take advantage of to grow your business.

Best social media tools for marketing

Social media has transformed how businesses market themselves in a big way. Social media tools have played a significant role in this. Below, we are going to discuss two of the best tools that you can use to market your business effectively.

  1. Buffer

Buffer has a simple analytic feature and a clean interface that makes it a favourite tool for marketers. With buffer, you can share content across multiple platforms from a single dashboard. It also has a chrome extension that makes sharing content on social media even easier. If you are new to marketing, you can use various case studies and social media guides to understand how marketing works and also get a few ideas.

  1. Social Clout

To understand which posts get the most engagement, you have to look past the likes and focus on the metrics that matter. That is where Social Clout comes in. It is a social analytics tool which is specifically designed to calculate social media ROI and track engagement.

Social Clout shows you the demographics with the most engagement and the platforms that convert the best and at what times.

Social media tools have been around for quite some time now. NetBase is among the most popular and useful tools, but others offer similar services too. When choosing the best tool to use for your business and how to use it, try not getting bogged down with decision making. Instead, do some research, and you’ll get the hang of it sooner than you think.