Why L Sealers Will Become Very Popular in 2020

L sealer machines and Shrink-wrap machines can meet various business needs and demands. L Sealers and shrink tunnels are used to create poly bags that are of heat sensitive shrink film. The attached Shrink tunnels are then used to apply heat to the bags as a result they cause shrinking and tightening of the film. This helps to provide packing and protection. An L Sealer machine is the best low volume shrink packaging solution and these machines can wrap several products in a minute.

Various Types of L Sealer Machines

There are various types of these machines available in the market and they are of high-quality. These machines are used for different uses and these will be described in this article. Here are some examples of L Sealers:

  1. AUDIONPACK L500SA L Sealer

It is an impulse semiautomatic machine and it has centre-folded films. This type of machine is used for loose bagging and shrink wrapping. For shrink wrapping it has to be used together with a shrink tunnel.

Main Features

  • It is a multi-program machine and it is computer controlled
  • Has an operating speed of up to 20/min
  • You can operate it semiautomatic call using a too switch or push button
  • Has a full CE compliance
  • A sealing blade that is coated with PTFE for fast production
  1. Automatic L-Sealer

When looking for an L sealer for sale you will find this machine available as a standalone unit and it comes with a separate shrink tunnel. The automatic L-sealer is suitable for medium to high volume shrink wrapping.

  1. Laundry L-Sealer

This is another machine that comes in handy with wrapping. It is one of the most economic and compact wrapping system that has been designed and made in the UK. Just as the name sounds, the machine is built with the laundry industry in focus. It comes in either manual or air-assisted variants. The laundry L-sealer is suitable for wrapping small or large wrapping bundles of laundry using Polythene film. It also has an outfeed conveyor but this is optional.

  1. Monobloc L Sealer

It is a semiautomatic machine that comes with a foot pedal or push button. It is a fast and reliable shrink wrapping solution that is ideal for packaging presentation packs in a smaller packaging volume operation.

  1. Table Top Shrink Wrap system

An entry level machine that is meant for low volume and repackaging operations. It has a bar sealer that can be used to bag or a heat gun that can produce a shrink wrapped pack. It comes in two main sizes.


Whether you purchase an L-sealer or a Shrink wrapper you will be able to perform many functions in your business. However, if you are not sure of the type of machine that is suitable for your business you can ask for guidance from professionals. When looking for an L Sealer for sale remember to ask if there is a comprehensive stock of spares available for the specific machine you purchase.