Pet Clothes To Try This Holidays    

With the holiday season virtually on top of us, you’ve no doubt thought long and hard about what you are going to buy your pets. While treats and toys are obvious stocking fillers, clothes should also be on the list. Not only is your pet naked (ahem!), but it’s chilly outside at this time of year – making it the perfect season to get them clothes for wrapping up warm.

Take a look at the following pet clothes to try this time of year.

Chic Sweater

Even with their thick layer of fur, it’s not uncommon for pets to feel a little chilly this time of year. Some owners, therefore, like to try and get their furry friends to slip into sweaters. These jumpers can look as plain or as detailed as you like. Some come with stripes, others with fake-fur trim. Don’t forget the full-blown Santa variety, either.

Dog Tutu

Putting a pit bull in a tutu might sound a little strange, but don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it. A brand new holiday tutu can help your pooch explore its feminine side. Well, that’s the hope, at least.

You can buy tutus from online stores or make one yourself using tulle fabric. If you buy one online, make sure to get one with an elasticated band that holds it onto your dog’s midriff. If you decide to DIY, then keep it short. If it’s too long, it’ll get caught in the hind legs when they run.

A Bow Tie

Of course, you don’t have to stick with proper garments – a bow tie attached to the collar makes a beautiful addition. Never will your pooch look underdressed at a dinner party again.

What’s more, there’s nothing like donning a bow tie before eating the best wet dog food of the year. Just like everyone else, your dog can dress up, look super smart, and enjoy the experience with everyone else.

A Dog Diaper

We’re not saying that your dog necessarily needs a diaper. Your toilet-training skills are not in doubt. What we are saying, however, is that getting your dog to wear a diaper over the holidays can add massively to the cuteness factor.

Dog Coat

You might think that dog jumpers and dog coats are interchangeable, but they’re not. A dog coat is a garment that has a collar that sticks up around the neckline, leaving a gap. A jumper does not.

Dog coats give you all kinds of opportunities to experiment with different doggy looks over the holiday break. You could try experimenting with coats that make your dog look like an inspector, a police officer or a security guard. It’s a lot of fun and helps them feel like a part of the action.

A Scarf

Did you know that you can buy scarves for pets now? Well, it turns out that you can. Pet scarves aren’t like you imagine. They’re not just long pieces of material with frilly ends like human scarves. Instead, they’re more like head sweatbands that tennis players use.

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