Breasts can impact one’s self-image positively or negatively. Breast augmentation Miami is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery option for those who aren’t happy with the way their breasts look. The procedure helps to change the size, shape and symmetry of chest with the help of insertion of breast implants. It is understandable to have concerns when planning to undergo the procedure as you will have to keep your goals and options in mind to determine whether the procedure is right for you or not. Though the option sounds quite pleasing so following are some of the reasons why you should opt for the procedure.


There has been a lot of advancement in the techniques and materials which are used for the procedure. It has also decreased the cost. Along with the affordable prices, there are various medical financing options which are available, making the procedure a more attractive option.

Not so-complicated

The procedure seems extremely complicated but it is a relatively simple procedure. There is very little tissue trauma involved and the recovery is also faster and easier. Patients usually seem to bounce back quite faster than expected after getting implants. If you are worried about the incisions, then here is the upside the incisions are very small and heal fast, their strategic placement also adds to the list of pros. The swelling is minimal, however, you will have to lay off a few physical activities for some time. You can go home on the day of the procedure itself. You might need to take a week off from work to fully recover.

Boosts Confidence

A lot of women who are unhappy with the way their breasts determine their confidence. When the clothes start to fit better and you feel more comfortable in your skin, it not only makes you happier but also helps in boosting your confidence. You will feel this newfound sense of confidence which you haven’t experienced before.

Safety is key

While undergoing a surgical procedure, it is crucial that you opt for a surgeon who is qualified and experienced when it comes to breast augmentation. Though the method of incision involves very little trauma or bleeding, there are plenty of precautions which need to be taken to have smooth healing. The breast augmentation lasts only an hour, which implies less time under the anaesthetic and with rare chances of complication.

Some of the cons of the procedure

Capsular contracture is one of the most researched complications of the procedure. The risk of experiencing this problem is very low. Second con of the procedure is either leaking or rupture of the implant. This usually happens due to the material which is used in the procedure and the contents of the liquid silicone implant have raised several health concerns. The implants which are used these days are resilient and the cohesive gel silicone is not liquid, so the possibility of a rupture is quite rare.