Professional Duct Cleaning vs. DIY Duct Cleaning

When it comes to professional duct cleaning vs. DIY duct cleaning, you might be thinking “I can do that myself, why waste my money on professionals?” But as is usually the case, you get what you pay for, and with duct cleaning professionals, you get proper tools and equipment, experience, guarantees, and having them deal with the unhygienic residue in your ducts. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out more.

Proper Tools and Equipment

When you hire professionals for duct cleaning, you’re getting the real deal, which means they’ll have all the proper tools and equipment. Professional duct cleaning can minimise damage to your home and ducts by workers using the correct equipment. In addition, when professionals use the right tools for the job, you can expect that the job will take a fraction of the time that it would take you, trying to make do with whatever tools you have on hand. The proper tools and equipment can make all the difference to the quality and professionalism of the results, so don’t try to DIY it – make sure you hire a company for professional duct cleaning in your home. 


When you’ve carried outduct cleaning on thousands of homes, you start to build upunbeatable experience, which you can draw upon as a specialist working for a duct cleaning company to expertly solve any duct related problem. But you’ll be lacking this experience if you try to save money by doing the job yourself. A lack of experience in duct cleaning can lead to damage to your ducts, and it may also mean you’ll be up for a big bill to fix whatever problem you’ve caused yourself with your inexperience. Why not just cut to the chase and call the experienced professionals in duct cleaning first time around?


Another thing that you don’t get when you try to go it alone with duct cleaning is any kind of guarantee of the work being done. If you’re inexperienced with ducts, it’s likely that your DIY work will be subpar. But if you hire a professional company for duct cleaning and their work doesn’t meet expectations, there may be a guarantee to fall back upon to either redeem your money or upgrade your results. You really are selling yourself short when you try to do your ownduct cleaning, as you have no control over the outcome and no guarantee it will be any good.


You simply don’t know what you’re in for when you attempt DIY duct cleaning. Has anyone ever told you what you might find in your ducts? There can be any number of things in your ducts, from live animals to dead rotting animals, and insects, faeces, allergens such as pollen, pet fur, smoke and other smelly residue, among other things. Do you really want to have to deal with all that yourself? And do you have the necessary personal protective equipment to keep germs away from your exposed face and skin while conducting duct cleaning? Hiring professionals for duct cleaning who already have these things down pat is a much easier and wiser option.