Reasons why marketing automation is important for your business

Wouldn’t it be nice just to sit back and have software do marketing for you? I bet you have had busy days focusing on your business with activities such as training employees and having business meetings but still have a massive task of getting in touch with your new prospects. These days can be stressful and exhausting. Well, the good news is, there is a solution for you. 

The solution lies in marketing automation tools such as HubSpot and Pardot to automate your marketing campaigns. These work just like in the manufacturing industry, where some of the processes are automated. Some of the reasons as to why marketing automation is the way to go for your business are discussed below:

1) Marketing Automation is Effective

Most marketing activities, such as sending emails, posting social media updates, doing instagram audit and ad campaigns, are repetitive and cumbersome to do. Instead of doing these activities manually, marketing automation software will enable you to automate these activities which are tailored to your customers giving them a personalized experience. This will make your work as a marketer more productive allowing you to save time and helping you realize you’re your goals faster. Whenever I search for buying likes and followers for my social media accounts, I find many sites offering the service but I choose the one where I like to get my promo for buying service. 

2) Improves relationship with customers

Marketing automation plays an essential role in building a good relationship with your customers. It will start by allowing you to nurture prospects with highly personalized services. These will automatically help in converting prospects to happy and paying customers. This relationship does not just end when the deal is closed but it continues afterwards with post-conversion campaigns. 

3) It gives you focus

Traditional marketing strategies waste a lot of time and resources by marketing to prospects who may not be interested in what is being shared. This makes it ineffective. Marketing automation, on the other hand, will allow you to nurture your leads through the entire buying process, delivering highly-targeted, personalized messages that address customers’ specific barriers to purchase. 

Data shared by prospects is organized and then used to deliver opportunities with the right content and the proper interactions at the right time help close sales. These results in a win-win situation with customers getting more straightforward and more consultative sales processes, while you get a more productive sales process that results in better customers. Better customers mean more profits.

4) It allows you to monitor and measure marketing process

Marketing automation gives you visibility of what is going on. It keeps you informed on what leads and customers are doing. It will let you know how prospects are responding to emails and how they are moving through the sales funnel. This will enable you to be able to measure and monitor how the market automation system in place is performing and indicates to you where you need to change to get better outcomes. This will give you control and calibrate your marketing automation strategy.

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