What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Restoration Surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries are known to be expensive treatment modalities to rectify one’s cosmetic flaws. These were the procedures to be chosen by celebs earlier but nowadays they are quite a trend among commoners too. Aesthetic concerns are growing on a larger scale and have become a hot topic for discussions. People are spending thousands on maintenance for their skin and hair care. Although these external products are not of that much benefits but still the market of beauty products have widened drastically.

Hair loss is among the most common concern as this is irreversible and the worst part is no one can control the progression of hair loss permanently when it’s genetically influenced which is the most common cause.  

Thus, when it occurs people lure for permanent solution and plan to opt for hair transplant procedure. But majority of the hair loss sufferers are doubtful regarding the success rate of the procedure. As along with the success stories of hair transplant there are prevailing horrifying stories too which scare the sufferers and put them in dilemma. 

Hair transplant procedure and considerations

Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure which is intended to provide the coverage of the bald area or to achieve the desirable hairline if you are not happy with your existing ones. This procedure is performed by harvesting of hair follicles from the donor area and their transplantation at the recipient bald area.   The most common donor area is back and side of the head and alternatively body hairs. The safe donor area is opted which is selected based on their DHT resistance. 

Before depicting the success rate Dr Suneet Soni: the head of the Medispa clinics have revealed few myths rumoured regarding the procedure. Firstly, hair transplant is not a regenerative procedure and cannot reproduce the lost follicles. They are purely restorative and provide the coverage of bald area by transfer of follicles from DHT resistant higher density areas to bald areas. 

Secondly, this procedure provides permanent outcomes but is not a procedure which could the stop the progression of further hair loss of the existing adjacent hairs. The planted hairs would surely lasts for life. 

Thirdly, hair transplant surgeries cannot provides instant results and one has to wait to let grow the hairs naturally. The normal duration taken by planted hairs to appreciate complete growth is 9 – 12 months. But the wait of months for the results would surely be worth if the procedure is performed by expert hands. 

Hair transplant in Jaipur has become very popular based on its highly successful outcomes provided by the few renowned hair transplant surgeons residing there. These renowned surgeons are approached by the patients all around the globe as they have engraved their names among the top hair transplant surgeons.

Dr Suneet Soni: the head of Medispa clinics is one such hair transplant surgeons from Jaipur who is famous to deliver world class natural and perfect outcomes. His surgical skills and artistic sense are appreciable which favours him in delivering highly aesthetic hairline design. 

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur is quite affordable as compared to other parts of India and worldwide. Medispa clinic is well known for their best hair transplant results with world class facilities at an affordable cost. 

How much is the success rate for hair transplant procedures?

Dr Soni has commented over the success rate and justified that success rate of the hair transplant varies as per the individual case and the availability of the hair density at the donor area. but first and foremost, the patient should have realistic expectations from the procedures so as to judge the success rate as per that bar and not over expect from the procedure. 

Thus the hair transplant surgeon will inform you beforehand what is expected from the available situation during the primary consultation. Medispa hair transplant reveals that the success rate of hair transplant varies from 95 – 100 %. 

Success rate by FUT hair transplant technique: The success rate by FUT technique is very high and almost 100% as each step is performed under high magnification ensuring survival of higher number of follicular grafts. Including, this technique offers harvesting of higher number of grafts which provides maximum coverage. 

Success rate of hair transplant by FUE technique: FUE technique could possibly have slight lower success rate as compared to the former technique as the procedure is more of a blind one which includes punching of underlying scalp tissue to retrieve individual grafts. This could possible cause slightly more damage to the follicular grafts. 

So if you are looking for assured successful hair transplant, visit Medispa clinics to have a blissful journey which will change your life with the perfect hair transplant.

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