Reasons Why Studying from NCERT is Beneficial for Students?

The students of today’s generation have been born in the era of technology. The school going students are surrounded by smartphones, tablets, e-readers etc. Many schools are also focusing on classroom technology such as teaching through projectors etc. These all methods are adopted to provide quality education to the students in a better way. The main aim is to create interest among students for learning. Using all these technology methods are good for students but at the same time CBSE students should not forget the importance of learning from the NCERT books. Infact teachers and parents advise students to first study through the NCERT textbooks and then for more depth analysis to opt for the online sources.

When it is about choosing the appropriate study material for exam preparation students always get lost which one is better or useful. So, CBSE Class 10 and 12 students should take the decision of choosing the right material wisely so that they can score higher marks in their exam. For CBSE students, the correct study materials are NCERT textbook and also NCERT solutions available class wise as well as subject wise. For example, a student of Class 9 can refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English beehive Chapter 1 to clear their doubts.NCERT solutions focus on fundamentals to help students with basic concepts.

While teaching students, teachers should remember that textbooks are a very important tool in the teaching arsenal. According to some teachers, learning through textbooks is outdated or insufficiently covers a topic or subject area. But, in a school environment, books are always there to guide students and pave the way how lessons and discussions inside the classroom will flow. In all CBSE affiliated schools, textbooks are designed by NCERT which is implemented across India.

Benefits of studying from NCERT Textbooks

The best way of learning is that students should first read the printed textbook. The NCERT textbook is being prepared by the subject professionals who hold deep knowledge in their respective field. The textbook of NCERT primarily focuses on enhancing the students’ learning skills. Students can find all the important study material such as detailed syllabus, e-books etc at the official NCERT website and can even download it for further study reference.

Here are a few benefits of studying from NCERT Books:

  • The textbook is designed as per the curriculum.
  • Textbooks help students to cover the entire syllabus efficiently.
  • In the NCERT textbook students can get detailed information about the activities, experiments, and exercises related to the respective chapters. These activities and experiments will help them to get more clarity about the chapter.
  • To be through with the concepts mentioned in the chapter, each chapter includes concept based questions at the end. These questions are crucial to solve as it will score good marks in your exam.
  • If students want to get higher marks in their exam they need to be well-versed with their respective NCERT textbooks.
  • To get a clear understanding of the concepts or topics students should read it by themselves before it is taught inside the classroom. But doing so, they can quickly grasp the concepts when the teacher explains it in detail.

We can end the article by saying that NCERT textbooks play a very significant role while exam preparation. It is a common tool of communication between students and teachers. It is an excellent teaching tool for both students and teachers. Students can also access solutions of NCERT textbook available on various online platforms. These solutions are solved by subject matter experts and students can refer to it while solving the textbook questions . These solutions are available for all the classes and subjects. For example, Class 9 students can get the solutions of Class 9 English Beehive textbook solved by education based websites. The solutions can be downloaded in pdf format free of cost.

If a student finds any topic more interesting and wants to learn more about it, then he/she can go to the school library or even get detailed information through the internet.