Renting NDT Equipment: The Smart Decision


While many people choose not to invest in nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment, it might actually be a smart move in the long run. If one wants to get a hold of this kind of equipment there is an option to either purchase or rent. It’s important to note that there certainly are NDT inspection equipment for rent.

Depending on the situation, renting can be a better option over purchasing. Rental equipment can even be shipped out within the same day from companies that have a large supply of NDT rental equipment. This wouldn’t be the case if the equipment were to be bought due to the fact that both processes are carried out differently.

 Purchasing the equipment requires management approval while renting involves a cost with little to no approval. Besides the reasonable cost and time commitment that comes with renting equipment, NDT equipment rentals come already calibrated to a well known standard according to the manufacturer. This is very helpful for those who do not have much expertise with NDT equipment and need to have the setting of the equipment already in place for use.

Some key points to make about renting NDT equipment is that it often makes sense to rent the equipment when one plans to buy it in the future. It can be an affordable option for companies to test out the equipment they need before making a big purchase.

 For example, if a company is on the edge about buying a thermal imager or an XRF analyzer they might choose to rent them out for a small project before they make that commitment. Making the decision to rent out the equipment may be a cost-friendly option for companies to use in order to make the best decision possible.

At Berg Engineering & Sales Company Inc, there are many pieces of equipment that can be rented out for temporary use. The company rents out common equipment such as hardness testers, PMI/XRF analyzers, thermal imagers, RVI equipment, ultrasonic thickness gauges, ultrasonic flaw detectors, and flow meters. These are very in-demand and may be a good option for companies who want to decide on whether they want the equipment or just need the equipment for short-term use.

Hardness testers are portable and can display results in a variety of hardness types. They even come with technical support that helps individuals choose the right portable hardness for their application among a variety of types such as Rebound and UCI. PMI/XRF analyzers stand for Positive Material Identification (PMI) that performs via x-ray fluorescence analyzers (XRF). These serve as good rentals for helping one identify the elemental composition of manufactured parts, scrap or samples. 

These come with technical support as well. Thermal imagers that can be rented come from brands such as Fluke and CorDEX. While equipment is often supposed to be calibrated, it’s important to make sure that thermal imagers come calibrated traceable to NIST. As for RVI (Remote Visual Inspection) equipment, they come with several options that can be chosen between measuring video probes and basic video probes to name a few. Ultrasonic thickness gauges include a range of options such as basic thickness gauges, A-scan thickness gauges, and high precision gauges. Ultrasonic flaw detectors include conventional and phased array. They also come with a selection of calibration blocks and probes to meet one’s needs. Lastly, flow meters measure the flow of liquids and work well for applications that involve water based fluids and fuels. All of these are NDT inspection equipment for rent through Berg Engineering & Sales Company, Inc.