Tips and Tricks to Solve Sudoku

Mastering the techniques of just any Sudoku puzzle game, there are a few tricks and tips. Each puzzle is well-constructed and very much anticipated. But, before getting onto the strategies, here’s a quick review of the basics.

What Is a Sudoku Puzzle?

Sudoku is a number-placement game. It consists of a larger 9×9 grid, divided into nine 3×3 sub-grids. Each puzzle begins with a few pre-filled or seed numbers to help you find the solution. The most crucial point here is to fill each row, column, each 3×3 grid with digits from 1 to 9 without repeating them more than once. However, you can repeat these along the diagonals. For this game to be true to its nature, it can only have one unique solution and no ambiguity. To achieve this, you must be patient, focused, and disciplined in your approach. It’s common to get frustrated and quit the game, but don’t do that.

How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles?

These rules will help you solve just any puzzle:

Rule of 1: This defines the essence of the game – no duplicate numbers. For instance, whatever number you put in a cell, it cannot appear in other cells of that row.

Rule of 45: Each region contains digits from 1 to 9. So, each of their values sum up to 45. If x is the sum of all cages provided in a region, the cells then not covered must be 45-x.

Rule of K: This is an extension to the rule of 1. If k cells are contained in a region having k different values, no other regions must contain any of those k values.

Rule of Necessity: Each region must have digits from 1 to 9. If all the numbers but one appear in a row, missing ones must be in empty cells. 

Crosshatching: Initially, consider only a single 3×3 grid and attempt to fill the empty spaces based on the rule of 1. 

Penciling In: Note down all possible digits that can fill up the empty cells of a particular nonet. Then, crosshatch to disqualify the unmatched numbers. 

Sum Elimination: You have to examine the possible ways of making the sum of a particular cage. By reducing the number of ways of making a sum, you can get a unique solution. 

Test Your Skills

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These free Sudoku puzzle games are quite intuitive and help you master the strategies. If you miss out on any moves and get stuck, there are clues to help you move forward. Understand that Sudoku is not a guess-game and that you have to have a logic-based approach. It requires discipline and concentration to get clarity in your thought process. 

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