Things to Do in Batam away from the Bustling City

Whenever the going gets rough, and your intended trips look eternally away, a quick trip throughout the border immediately springs to mind. However, if spending a fantastic chunk of the day based on routines doesn’t float your boat, here’s a gentle reminder that Batam is only an hour away by ferry and has just as appealing an exchange rate.

From local joys to standard spas, here are just three steps to take in Batam for all those sick of the crowds.

  1. Soak up resort deserts and treat your body to herbal massages at Xoleil Spa Village

Xoleil Spa Village is a refuge that features rustic spa villas, a cooking school, a cafe, a glass refuge and even a saltwater diving pool all in one place. And suppose that doesn’t seem bright enough. In that case, the site is just a stone’s trip in the ferry terminal, obviously making it a definite pitstop if you set foot at Batam.

Guests will be directed to Some villa where they’ll be given a Free Xoleil foot ritual before the massage begins. A favourite massage to test out is your Bedda Lotong Bugis massage IDR 1200000 (~S$115.09) that lasts for 120 minutes. It sports a complete body massage and bathes, which utilizes a mixture of dark sticky rice and a combination of natural herbs used to exfoliate skin and make you refreshed.

Alleviate your bodily aches and pains and let the stresses of everyday life melt away in their stunning saltwater pool. Expect to walk out from there with your skin considerably softer to touch along with your muscle tensions eased.

Recharge following your massage by having a meal in their Urban Farm Kitchen where all-day brunch is served. As an alternative, you can sign yourself up for cooking classes in their school which hosts an assortment of culinary and manners classes like wine tasting and cheesemaking.

  1. Load up on mouth-watering local delights

No trip to Batam is complete without checking out their regional dishes. Places like Baso Priangan and Eastern Food Court are broadly known among tourists and locals to offer a massive range of dishes. Regardless of whether you are on the way to have a look at a sunny personal paradise, such as Kepri Coral or on the way back, fall by these food places to refuel for your trip ahead.

Indomie lovers can test out Bakso Priangan, a roadside eatery that serves around 10 Indomie versions and even offers a duo playing music every day from 5 PM.

The chicken meatballs would be twice the size of Singapore’s, and also you can flavour the juiciness of the meat noodle along with each bite. The soup tasted peppery; however, the chicken toes inserted that a tinge of sweetness into the dish that was formulaic.

For even more variety, check out Eastern Foodcourt. You’ll find a lot of stalls selling local meals such as bakso and hey mee. Portions below are generous and a bowl of noodles prices less than just $4!

We attempted Laksa and Hey Mee from the Ania Sate Mie stall, which costs $2 a bowl. Portions are very similar to what you would see in Singapore, but their peeled prawns tasted even more succulent. There is also sambal chilli sprinkled on top of the dish, which, when mixed with the soup, provides a satisfying flavour.

The laksa dish has been hot, but it was not spicy. It’s pretty like Katong laksa, except the sauce is significantly less gao. Ingredients wise, the tao pok, prawns and cockles were thrown in generously, which added a pinch to every bite.

  1. Chill out in a cafe that has its full-sized pool

It doesn’t matter where on earth we journey, a visit to a decorative cafe is a compulsory millennial activity. And Sense Coffee & Pool at Batam will check all the boxes. Not only can it be aesthetic, additionally, but it also houses two large alfresco dining spaces and a gigantic lap pool for people who want a little fun in the sun.

You’ll find the typical Western fare here at pocket-friendly prices. Order the “Dragon Bowl” a 3.35 acai bowl topped with copious quantities of banana pieces, raisins, oats and almonds.

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