Tips for meeting a car accident lawyer in Colorado

For the uninitiated, Colorado follows the comparative-fault rule. In simple words, this means that if a person has a part role in a car accident, their compensation is reduced accordingly. The statute of limitations in the state allows a period of three years, from the date of the accident, to file a personal injury lawsuit, but this doesn’t apply to car accident claims. Insurance company of the party at fault should be informed within a reasonable time. Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed? Consider contacting a Pueblo car accident lawyer at the earliest. In this post, we are sharing tips for meeting a personal injury lawyer. 

  1. Be transparent. Even if you had part role in the accident, or are unsure of fault, make sure that your lawyer knows every detail of the car accident. This is important because you can expect fair and transparent advice from them. 
  2. Share details of your injuries. Some of your injuries are evident right away, while others may have a long-term impact on your health and wellbeing. Many car accident lawyers work with medical experts, to understand the impact of accident better, which allows them to file for claim accordingly. 
  3. Show all documents. From the bills and receipts of your medical treatment, to pictures of the accident site, your vehicle, and injuries, show all the details to your car accident lawyer, so that you can get a fair and transparent advice on the case. 
  4. Ask about their experience. As a new client, you have every right to ask an attorney about their experience, especially with regards to car accident claims. For instance, does the lawyer have courtroom confidence? Have they handled claims similar to yours?
  5. Know their fee. Most car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. This simply means that the lawyer will take a part of the compensation as their fee, if they win a settlement for you. At the end of it all, you want to have enough to cover for your medical bills, loss of wages, and other losses. 

Finally, when you meet a lawyer for your car accident claim, make sure that you ask them about the possible outcomes. The right lawyer will ensure that you know the basics and they will guide you through the dos and don’ts, so that you can take a call accordingly. Don’t sign any paper from insurance companies, unless you have met an attorney.