Top Skills and Services You Can Expect from a Virtual Assistant 

You may already know what a virtual assistant can do – as their name implies, you can rely on them for various matters in both your business and personal life. They can perform a variety of tasks that include administrative work, bookkeeping tasks, and so on. They can also do so much more than this. A lot of virtual assistants are also well-versed in other, more centralised skills such as website management, database management, digital marketing, and more. If you are planning to hire a virtual assistant and would like to make a worthwhile decision, it pays to know what kinds of services and skills they can provide. Here, then, is a list of the top skills and services you can expect from a virtual assistant.

Administrative work 

Virtual assistants are renowned for their administrative skills, but what encompasses the administrative work they do? Well, your chosen virtual assistant can, first of all, manage your schedule and appointments, and your emails and database. A virtual assistant can help prepare client proposals and presentations, and they can also arrange your travel requirements and make reservations and bookings on your behalf. Apart from this, you can rely on your virtual assistant to help you manage your events, coordinate your HR needs, and help manage your projects. 


Research is another skill a virtual assistant, such as those from, can do. This can often involve research on travel and events and news regarding your industry. It can involve more specific research on hashtags as well as sponsorship. Essentially speaking, your virtual assistant can perform a number of research tasks according to your requirements, and they can then compile their research findings and present ihem to you in a suitable format. 


Marketing is important for any business, and your virtual assistant can deal with your specific marketing requirements, whether traditional or digital. For instance, they can help you set up sales sources and funnels for your business, and they can deal with press release creation and the promotion of live events and happenings. They can help you with a product launch, and content marketing needs, such as creating blog posts, newsletters, and e-books, posts on social media, and so on. 


Bookkeeping is another skill that most virtual assistants have, and we all know how bookkeeping can be very time-consuming and effortful! You can do away with bookkeeping headaches and delegate the task to your virtual assistant, and they will not only do bookkeeping but also manage your invoices and payments, manage your payroll when necessary, and process your refunds and orders. 

Other dedicated skills 

Depending on your needs, you can hire a virtual assistant who can also serve as a graphic designer – someone who can come up with graphics for your blog posts, design newsletters, and submit images and photographs for your website. They can also help you with your social media platforms by scheduling updates on your accounts, creating promotional advertisements, and creating your profiles on social media. 

Some of the more skilled ones can assist you with branding and business development. Some are also adept at providing lifestyle management services as well.