Understand the Ultimate Benefits of Having a Green Card

Are you thinking about the benefits of holding USA green card? If yes, then allocate some time from your schedule and read out the article completely. It tells you the real benefits you avail from USA green card. Getting the USA green card is the accomplishment. A person needs to fulfill certain criteria to become eligible for the green card. Getting the green card is the mandatory step, which every immigrant should follow if they really want to become a citizen of the USA. Generally, green card holders are called as lawful permanent residents. Continue reading to know much about Green Card Benefits USA.

Benefits of holding the US green card


  • Ability to sponsor immediate relatives


When you have a US green card, you can able to give a chance to sponsor your immediate relative or family members to stay in US along with you. US immigration defines immediate family members as the person who is unmarried and under 21years old. Besides, green card holder spouses and parents are eligible to stay within the cardholder in US. You can look at the glossary for more details regarding immigration-related definitions. It is also possible to sponsor the extended family member via the preferred family category. It also minimizes the hassles in receiving the residency status for them.


  • Much easier to travel around


The great benefit of having the US green card is that it makes your traveling in and out of the US much easier than other people who have a student or temporary visa. People who have US green card are recommended to avail this traveling benefit because this card is the indication of the permanent lawful status in the country. To continue enjoying the Green Card Benefits USA, you should renew your green card before the expiration date. Keep an eye on this date to avoid the big problems. When you stay out of the country for six months or more, you will get into various problems. Therefore, plan your trip according to US immigration rules and regulations.


  • Eligible to get social security advantages


SSA (Social Security Administration) is funded via payroll taxes, which renders economic security to disabled and retired people, and their families as well. When you have a green card, you will become qualified to receive social security benefits. Do you know that around 1 in 4 American families are enjoying social security benefits? The benefits range from childcare and medical care assistance to food. A green cardholder who has above ten years of work experience can able to avail retired benefits after working in US.


  • Excellent career opportunities


Having a green card brings you so many exciting career opportunities. When the average immigrant is sponsored for their work visa by the organization they engage with, the green card holder is free to work at any companies in the country. Additionally, they also get a chance to establish the company of their own and even become an entrepreneur. Thus, you can explore more and choose the right career option for your better future.