Ways To Factor In Mindful Eating While Studying

Studying is important for every student out there, but it’s far from easy – long hours spent at a laptop or in front of books processing endless information can be exhausting. This exhaustion can lead to boredom, stress, hunger or a healthy (or unhealthy) combination of the three, and when people lack time there’s a much better chance that we resort to poor eating habits – especially when if we’re studying somewhere comfortable, like student accommodation. In this article, we provide some great tips to help ensure you don’t spiral into a bad food eating binge while you study – this way, you maintain your health which is crucial for – you guessed it! – more effective study habits.

Focus on your food wherever possible

It can be very difficult when studying, particularly when students are relegated to staying in their student apartments in Perth – unlike the university library or a café, it can be really tough to exercise restraint in a comfortable home environment. When you’re studying from the comfort of your own home, it’s a very wise investment to start practicing mindful eating. This kind of eating is basically a way that we can maintain good health while also minimising stress wherever possible. Mindful eating habits can mean a lot of things, but perhaps the best tip to start with is not rushing when you eat. Fast, mindless eating will often mean that you scoff down a lot more food than you actually need a lot of the time, and if it is a particularly kilojoule dense food – like potato chips – you’ll rip through bags like there’s no tomorrow and likely still be hungry. To stay on top of this, make sure to focus only on eating when you’re eating. It’s important to not scroll through your phone and avoid watching tv at all costs so that you recognise and appreciate every mouthful.

Reconsider how eat your food

If you find that you’re practicing bad eating habits, it might also be time to rethink how you experience food. Many people see food as a way to relieve stress while studying, but food should never be used as an emotional crutch. If you’re feeling stressed, a much better outlet is exercise, which allows you to better manage stress and burn off kilojoules, rather than pile them on. Plus it gives you an opportunity to step out of your student accommodation and see the wonderful sights around Perth! To make this process simpler, it’s good to redefine food as an energy source, rather than entertainment. Rather than eating whenever you feel like it, eat when you’re hungry (your body is very good at telling you when, so no need to worry there). To ensure that you’re not hungry at random times, work out how much food you need and structure your large meal times and any snack times you need so you aren’t randomly wandering your house or apartment looking for snacks at random times throughout the day.

Mindful eating is an excellent life skill

Mindful eating shouldn’t just be a consideration when studying – adopting this skill can greatly enhance your entire life. If you find it difficult to adjusting to structured snacking and eating, it’s a wise idea to only buy healthy snacks, such as carrots and nuts. This way whenever you’re tempted, you’ll be giving your body something nutritious, rather than empty energy.