What Does A Mobile Plant Mechanic Do?  


The civil construction and mining industries are two of Australia’s largest and offer continual growth. There is a wide range of highly-skilled positions offering secure employment and excellent salaries in both these areas. While typically male-dominated industries, government initiatives are pushing for a more gender-balanced workforce opening up opportunities to both women and men for this career path. If you’ve always had a penchant for building and tinkering with machines, you may consider turning those passions into a career as a mobile plant mechanic. Here’s an overview of what a mobile plant mechanic does day-to-day, as well as how to become one and what salary you can expect.

What is a mobile plant mechanic?

A plant mechanic is a type of specialised mechanic who works on industrial, agricultural, construction or mining equipment. Their day-to-day work revolves around machine maintenance, inspections and repairs. A mobile plant mechanic is a subtype of plant mechanic who focuses on mobile machinery, such as earthmovers and similar heavy equipment. To work in this field, most plant mechanics hold a Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology – AUR31216.

Depending on your preference, this work can be done in a workshop where the machinery is brought to you, or you can head out on site to places such as oil refineries and mines. Anywhere that there is civil construction or mining, there’s likely a role opportunity for a mobile plant mechanic. Employers range from small businesses to large corporations, local councils and government agencies.

How do you become a mobile plant mechanic?

Similar to many other trades and mechanic positions, training for this job happens through an apprenticeship or traineeship. The good news is your employer will pay for all your training. If you have relevant experience in machinery, have trained overseas or didn’t receive any formal qualification at the completion of your training, you may wish to seek out a recognition of prior learning. There are plenty of professional companies offering trades recognition in Australia which can provide you with a fast-tracked way to gain relevant work qualifications.

There are no prerequisites to training as a mobile plant mechanic. You can begin at any age with most trainees starting during high school or straight out of completing their education. Some general skills that will help you in this career include a knowledge of maths and technology, proficiency in computers and an ability to work well under pressure.

What are the salary expectations in this career?

The average salary expectation for this career in Australia is between $95,000 to $110,000 per year. Depending on which state of Australia you work in, this may be more. For example, in WA where there are plenty of mines and heavy machinery, this job is in higher demand. That means the salary can grow to $130,000 per year. In contrast, in the ACT where there is lower demand, the higher end salary on average drops down to $100,000. No matter which state you find yourself a role, mobile plant mechanics are highly-skilled, well-paid employees.

Even with this great salary, years on the job can make any employee feel restless and ready for change. As a mobile plant mechanic there is plenty of opportunity for career growth. Your next steps could be becoming a plant manager or even upskilling further into an engineering career.

Your career is in your hands

Finding the ideal career path is all about taking your natural skills and applying them to the workforce. Whether that means working indoors or out, 5-days a week or 4, with the right skills and training you can mould any career into your dream.