What Is Shrink Wrap Used For?

Shrink wrap is a highly adaptable and a multipurpose material that has changed the packaging industry forever – boasting a vast array of possible uses for security, containment and safety purposes. Holding an amazing ability to create an air-tight, fully-sealed barrier when used in conjunction with heat shrink machines, shrink wrap is highly important to many industries, manufacturers and shippers, even including banks and governing bodies.

Shrink wrap film is available in bespoke lengths allowing for companies to purchase the exact amount that they require. It is also available in a selection of different strengths, transparencies and thicknesses, allowing for the material and packaging method to cater for as many products and applications as possible. Shrink wrap is even used by boat owners in winter to provide their much loved boats with protection from the cold conditions.

Shrink Wrap and The Packaging Industry


The packaging industry really would be lost without shrink wrap film and bag sealers, with it assisting packaging in multiple ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • Securing boxes
  • Keeping canned goods and beverages tightly together
  • Providing products with extra security and temper-evident seals
  • Wrapping entire pallet loads to protect items from severe weather conditions whilst keeping them secure and in top condition

Shrink wrap film is even the primary packaging solution for a lot of items, with these items including electronics, compact discs and DVDs and a lot of food items such as vegetables, meats and cheeses.

The most popular way to use shrink film is by using it with a shrink wrapping machine – This works by wrapping shrink film tightly around an item and them sealing it by using heat. Heat machines are available as well as heat guns which are more suitable for oddly shaped and unique items.

Other Popular Shrink Wrap Applications

Shrink wrap is by no means limited to the packaging industry. Other popular applications include:

  • Shrink wrapping books, magazines and comics – This makes it impossible for people to open them and red them before they buy them, which is especially important when the material contains adult orientated subjects
  • Shrink wrapping electrical wiring – To provide electrical wiring with a greater seal, helping to insulate the wires against discharge and protecting areas where electrical wires are attached and/or spliced
  • Shrink wrap is often used to protect large machinery that is not in use, including but not limited to boats – Ensuring that they can stay in supreme conditions ready for their next use
  • Shrink wrap in many countries is used to quarantine entire building following major disasters including hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes


If you now think that you could benefit from shrink wrap, and shrink wrap machinery, we highly advise that you contact a reputable supplier such as Sontex today who will no doubt be delighted to assist you and advise you on your best shrink wrap options based on your individual needs and intended applications.