Why Online Learning for Children is not Sustainable 

Due to the pandemic, schools have had no choice but to close. Children have to continue learning at home. Teachers continue to adjust to the situation and find ways to help students learn in their absence. This situation is more difficult for younger students. Therefore, enforced permanent online learning is not sustainable for the long-term. At some point, changes will guarantee that schools will reopen.

Some students were already having a hard time before the pandemic 

Not all students have the same mental capabilities. Some have learning disabilities. Even before the pandemic, they were already having a hard time understanding their lessons. Studying from home only worsened their situations and if it continues, they will be behind their group. Therefore, it doesn’t help to continue the online learning setup.

Play is essential

It is in children’s nature to play and build relationships with others. They are also learning how to improve their motor skills. Being at home all the time doesn’t help, it’s the reason schools exist in the first place. They allow children to develop holistically. Even students who excel academically might be behind in this aspect and need to be back in the real school setting. For now, you could consider installing sensory room equipment at home. It can be an exciting option for your children. If you have one at home, your children can continue playing and having fun.

Some parents can’t continue doing this

In the latest job reports, almost all those who lost their jobs were women, showing one of the worst impacts of online learning. Female employees have no choice but to resign from work to teach their children at home. More women will feel disempowered as this continues. Even if they are already at the height of their careers, they will have to make sacrifices. It is unfair to women and they should not be faced with this terrible decision.

Not everyone has similar resources

The online learning setup also highlights another flaw in the educational setting. Some students have more resources than others. Others are not so lucky and have to make the most of what they have. They might be hardworking and eager to learn but have limited resources. Even if the government tried to help, it’s still not enough to promote equity. Besides, online learning has already started, and it is too late to address these concerns now. There are still inequities in a regular classroom setting, some schools have better resources than others. However, the online learning setup is a worse situation for some students.

Hopefully, children will soon return to school. They deserve to have a better learning environment and you can try to help them in current times. Always be there to assist if they need help in dealing with academic challenges. You should be their number one cheerleader and encourage them in feeling they are capable of doing an excellent job despite what’s happening.