An Engagement Ring for Every Personality 

When you go looking at custom engagement rings Phoenix, you’ll find a brilliant array of styles. Which one should you choose? Start by asking the most important question: what personal style should the ring complement?

Are you looking to make a real impact?

All eyes will be on you on your wedding day, and some rings will really give your guests something special to look at. Some stunning options include:

  • Halos of smaller diamonds clustered around the central stone
  • Incorporating other colorful gems like rich rubies and deep sapphires
  • More ornate bands that use braiding or Celtic knotwork

These rings can be spotted from across the room, lending glamour to every occasion.

Are you sporty and athletic or work with your hands?

A ring studded with large stones may get in the way during your day to day life. You could take it off and store it somewhere that you hope is secure … and hope you can remember where you left it. However, you may also prefer more streamlined designs. These can include solitaire rings, rings with gemstones embedded within the metal band, or even sleek unisex styles that draw inspiration from men’s rings and vintage designs.

Do you prefer a cutting-edge style…

From geometric elements to unusual materials and daring designs, the new generation of engagement rings has a lot to offer a trendsetter. Some current designers are playing with proportions or cuts in new, exciting ways. Others are looking past traditional gold and platinum and experimenting with hardwood inlays, intensely colorful anodized metals, and high-tech materials that simply weren’t available a decade ago. If you’re looking for a modern style ring, you’ll have a rainbow of options at your fingertips.

…Or the glitz and glamour of decades past?

Vintage continues to be a big trend this year. Designers are responding to this surge of interest by drawing inspiration from every decade. However, these rings come with a modern twist that renders them right at home in contemporary times. For instance, solitaire rings have been a classic for over a century, but the modern interpretation is to get creative with the cut of gemstone. Some vintage shapes that look very fresh in the modern day include Emerald and Pear cuts. Another popular twist is to innovate with the band, perhaps including pave diamonds or attractively contrasting texture.

Your custom engagement rings Phoenix retailer

Are you looking for something classic or unique? Whatever your personal style, you can find incredible custom engagement rings in Phoenix at Diamond Vault. Come to our Phoenix location and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the right fit.