How to Effectively Deal With Your Toddler’s Tantrums

When your toddler has a tantrum, they might begin to whine, cry, scream, and yell. Sometimes, toddler tantrums include kicking, holing the breath, and hitting. For most parents, toddler tantrums become more challenging when they arise in public. Parents may feel angry, disappointed, and embarrassed. However, this is the time when your little one needs your care and love the most. Here are some ways to deal with your toddler’s tantrums:

Understand the Cause

There should be a reason why your child displays a tantrum. They might be tired, hungry, or just want to get your attention. Understanding where it is coming will make it a little easier for you to calm your child down.

Distract your Child

Kids tend to have short attention spans. Thus, give them something else in place of what they cannot have. You can also replace a forbidden or frustrating activity with a new one. Another way to distract your child is to take them outside or inside the room to change the environment.

Don’t Say Yes

Saying yes just to end the tantrum will make your child think they can get what they want by displaying such behavior. Also, avoid bribing them with treats or sweets.

Stay Calm

You may easily get angry but you must stay calm and avoid getting upset. Remember that tantrums are normal for children and you will manage them as other parents have. Focus on keeping calm and in control because your child will pick up on this and they calm down too. It’s about setting a good example. Just ignore the outburst and just comfort your child with a hug. As you hold them firmly but gently, talk to them in a clear voice. Also, if the tantrum strikes in a public place, ignore what other people are thinking. Remember that most people know what you are going through.

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