The Know-Hows of Choosing the Right AV Rental Company For Any Event


Audio Visual (AV) equipment is an integral part of any corporate event. It makes all the difference to a mundane corporate presentation. Audio visual aids help attendees connect more with the content being delivered and they are more likely to retain the information delivered. If the event involves propagating your services, AV equipment are highly beneficial.

Find the right AV rental company for your event:

When you start researching about reputable AV rental companies, you’ll encounter few which claim to possess the finest equipment while some claim their ability to cater to large-scale events. Short listing the right company can easily get confusing. Scrutinize using the criteria mentioned below to make the selection process easier.

  • Research carefully: Check how well they fare in business. Go through client testimonials online. Take a tour of the company and see how the team presents themselves.
  • On-site assistance: Enquire if the company provides on-site assistance before and during the duration of the event so that if any issues arise, they can sort it out at the earliest.
  • Team mindset: Communication between the rental company team with your venue’s representatives, event planner and featured speakers is important for the event’s success.
  • Knowledgeable employees: The representatives handling the equipment must be fully aware about the workings of every piece of equipment. Certain equipment requires the expertise of trained professionals. Ensure the technician is knowledgeable.
  • Customer service: You need someone reliable and someone who promptly answers your calls. The team should efficiently handle client queries and concerns.

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Rental terms:

The quote provided will include separate charges for equipment and labor. Some companies include cables and other accessories under main equipment while some have a separate cabling package. The labor related costs are categorized into two: Day-rates and week rates. Day-rates involve 10 working hours while half-day rate involves 5 working hours. 

Enquire the team beforehand about the load in and load out time they will require. Load in time refers to the time taken to deliver and set up the equipment while load out time refers to the time talk to tear down the equipment and carry it out of the venue. Being aware of the load in time ensure you have enough time to set up the equipment before the guests start arriving.

The type of event dictates the kind of AV equipment required.  A trusted AV rental company would help you in choosing the right equipment.