Two Ways To Create A Viewfinder With Own Pictures

A Viewfinder with its own pictures is indeed special and feels nostalgic like anything else. A customized viewfinder is an ideal gift for the close ones. Moreover, the viewfinder is so popular that various brands send customized viewfinder to their employees and customers as a gift. Modern technology used to make a viewfinder makes them a lot better.

The compatible size of the toy makes it adorable and appealing to kids and adults alike. Moreover, the customization to the viewfinder allows the individuals to create reels as they desire and cherish. Various individuals and brands also try to tell their stories with a custom made viewfinder.

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods provides users the chance to create a viewfinder with own pictures. The viewfinder sold by Uncommon goods is made of plastic and has a standard size. The ViewFinder measures approximately five inches in length, three inches in width, and four inches in height.

One may add up to seven different images in the reels they are trying to make for the Viewfinder. Each photo is printed with high-quality ink to ensure it stays in the viewfinder. There’s no limit as to how many reels one may order with the viewfinder.

When no additional reels are ordered, the company sends one viewfinder for customers to see the reels on the toy. With a viewfinder, brands can also depict their success stories or special services offered by them to the customers.

Even the plastic used for making the viewfinder is of standard quality that wouldn’t harm the customers’ skin. The high-quality material used in the product makes it great for creating stories on various themes like baby’s first steps.


RetroViewer is another great way to create a viewfinder with its own pictures. The RetroViewer provides a viewfinder with various customizations like 3D texts and custom prints. While finding a provider to create customized reels might seem like a challenge, RetroViewer tends to solve this problem too.

The customers of the company can also have their special reels made without having to buy the viewer. Moreover, they also provide production solutions to corporates looking to give viewfinder to everyone associated with them. Bulk orders are processed fast without unnecessary delays.

The Viewfinder of RetroViewer features eight images of the customer, making the reels even better. The company uses one additional photo to put it at the reel’s center and make things even more interesting.

Why limit yourself to just customized images in the viewfinder? The better and enhanced viewfinder also comes with various themes printed on the outside. The themes available for customers are Happy birthday, or I love you. And, finally, the buyer also gets to choose the color of their viewfinder.


A personal viewfinder is a dream gift for just about anyone who had a viewfinder while growing up as a kid. Even today’s kids tend to enjoy viewing pictures on the customized viewfinder. The end product after customization looks adorable and would make anyone nostalgic.