7 Birthday Gifts For Husband To Remind Him How Lucky He Is To Have You

The special day when your beloved husband took his first breath is just a few days away. He was born destined to be with you and you two frame a picture of a flawless love. He showers his affection on you every day, and on his birthday it is your turn to treat him like your king. Although, the pace of life is quite fast and you do lose some moments of love and peace with him amidst the work, chores and daily routine, but you know that deep inside your heart, he is your number one priority and this year on his birthday, it’s time to show him just that. Make the day so memorable that leave him wondering how he get so lucky to have you as a life partner. It may sound like a lot of work, but it is really not. Some sweet, simple gesture will steal his heart all over again. If you are short of ideas, here are some for you.

#1 The Wake-Up Call

You might have to sneak out of the bed for an hour or so in the night but it will be totally worth it. Decorate the hall or any other room with balloons, confetti or whatever decorating material you feel will be best for the surprise wake up call for your husband in the morning. Wake your sweetheart on the morning of his birthday with a kiss and let him go the hall when he usually does. The surprised and pleased look on his face on seeing the beautiful decor will totally be worth it.

#2 The Midnight Celebration

Instead of purchasing the cake in the evening, order a birthday cake for husband from an online bakery and schedule its delivery at 12 o’clock at night. Just imagine the smile he will bear when he will answer the door at midnight wondering who it could be and will be presented with a scrumptious cake of his favourite flavour along with some beautiful flowers from his wife. You could start nailing being the best wife ever from midnight only.

#3 The Long Drive Love

Take the wheel on his birthday and go on a long drive while he relaxes on the passenger seat soaking the view and listening to his favourite music in the car. If a long drive is not possible due to work commitments, you could drop him off and pick him up after work and make him feel like a celebrity. He will be delighted to be taken off the steering for a day when he doesn’t have to worry about being stuck in traffic or looking for a parking spot. That’s your job for the day.

#4 Hop Into His Hobby

You are well-aware of his hobbies now. You know what turns him into an 8-year-old and when he is experiencing pure joy doing what he loves. Here’s a thought! Join him on his birthday. If he loves to go-kart, book two tickets for the lap. If he loves bowling, gather some friends and turn it into a bowling night. If he loves old movies, make some butte popcorn and snuggle in a blanket with him for a movie marathon at home. Just be a part of whatever makes him happy. After all, he is the king of the day. 

#5 The Camping Idea

Invite some of his best friends over and plan a camping trip where he is close to nature and his favourite humans. If possible, take the barbecue or grilling pieces of equipment along with a music player so that he could have the time of his life while eating grilled food, conversing with his friends and family and listening to some of his favourite tunes. He will remember this birthday gift forever.

#6 The Home Spa

The spa offers relaxation and rejuvenation from the daily hectic life and makes one feel what an easy life feels like. You could do the same for him but instead of gifting him spa coupons at some mall, you could present him with spa coupons at home which he can redeem to get a head massage, a foot massage, a back rub or a facial at any time. He will definitely love this gift from his wife. Who knows what a sensual massage from his wife may lead to! 😉 😉

#7 The Food Factor

Why celebrate a day when you could celebrate a week! A week before his birthday, surprise him with his one favourite dish every night and make him feel like the luckiest man alive. The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach and this is a wonderful opportunity to capture his heart all over again with a simple recipe every day. You can even take cues from his mother as what his favourite dish as a child was and cook the same to reminisce about his jolly childhood days. 

With love in your heart, you could always make him feel like your king. Don’t forget to accompany these presents with a heartfelt and handwritten message of love baring your emotions for him in the best way possible.

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