Features of My Vanilla card balance


Vanilla Prepaid card is a simple, secure, and convenient way to manage your money. as this card is not a credit card, it is not necessary to go through credit checks, to disclose personal datas and to fill any paper forms. Users can own and use this card without bank accounts. As this card does not require any credit checks, user with poor credit status can also avail of this card. This is a powerful money management tool and the user can connect with their account easily with this tool. The card will be issued on the basis of virtual bank accounts created with The Bancorp Bank. Since the finance available in the card is prepaid and prefixed, the money spending is limited to the available balance and the user can check the balance available in the card periodically. Vanilla mastercard can be used wherever Visa Debit cards and debit Master cards are accepted.Users can use this card for payments at gas stations, restaurants, paying bills and all other shopping. My vanilla card can be availed as a Master card or Visa card, depending on the user’s choice.

Adding funds

Finance can be added to this card easily with Direct Deposit and Vanilla Direct Load.

Direct deposit is the simplest and fastest way of adding money to the card. Funds can be transferred securely from one MyVanilla card account to others. For loading cash in the card, the user has to complete ID verification on the official website of the bank.

To Withdraw Money

This card can be used for ATM withdrawal and another form of finance access. Money can be withdrawn from this card by using Money pass surcharge-free ATMs. For the withdrawal of money from ATM the user will be charged with some service charge. The user will be charged $1.95 per Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal or $4.95 per International ATM Cash Withdrawal.

The necessity for checking the balance

Some merchants will charge some incidental charges for Preauthorization along with the purchase value. This amount will be refunded after the completion of the transaction. So it is mandatory to check the finance available and to ensure that your card has sufficient funds for the transaction.

Checking the balance

Users can check my vanilla card balance available in the card by logging on to the official website. The userhas to provide the security number present in the card, expiry date and CVV number to log in and check balance online.

The balance available in the card can also be tracked by setting text and email alerts. Standard text and data charges may be applicable to the service providers.

The finance available in the card can also be tracked and managed by downloading My Vanilla mobile application that is available in Google Play or App Store.