Outdoor Wedding Venue Essentials That You’ll Have to Definitely Consider

Okay, so now that you have decided to tie the knot with the most amazing person you’ve met in this world, then it is now time to look for a stunning wedding venue as well. Making a wedding visually attractive is something that should be of utmost priority.

When scouting for the wedding venues you’ll come across various different types of settings like lawns, banquets, resorts etc. If you ask me about the best option among them then I will always choose wedding lawns above anything else.

No matter in which season are you getting married, opting for a lawn as an outdoor wedding venue is something that’ll be an amazing idea. A wedding lawn is much more versatile and can be transformed entirely in a number of different ways.

There are several wedding resorts in Pune and other metro cities that’ll be really perfect to host your fairytale wedding. However, there are certain things that you’ll have to include to make the wedding lawn truly amazing.

Table Arrangement

It is always better to arrange for a sit-down setting at an outdoor wedding. Designing a table plan in a manner that every guest get a good view of the stage is time-consuming but has to be done nonetheless.

Setting up the table numbers and assigning them to the different guests by handing them the appropriate number is something that’ll keep things organised. You must make it a point to arrange for the table linens of the colours that complement the theme.



An outdoor wedding venue is all about having an event that is romantic and intimate and what better way than decorating such an event with candles. If a dreamy wedding is your aim then the candles set in some amazing candelabras as centerpieces is something that’s an absolute priority.

There is nothing else besides flickering candlelight that evokes the romantic mood. You can also invest in scented candles that’ll surely make things more romantic and will make your D’day memorable for a long time.


Fairy Lights

Any fairytale wedding is incomplete without the amazing fairy lights. These little LEDs are perfect for any festival and are really easy to work with. The best part of the fairy light decor is that they are inexpensive and can be used numerous times.

With many battery operated fairy lights available in the market, you can include them anywhere and everywhere without the need of arranging any external power supply. You can line up the aisle, use them as curtains or even hang them from the trees, the options available are just limitless.


Florals and Vines

An outdoor wedding venue is all about including the amazing nature in our wedding and bringing in the decor elements like the vines and the floral will be a great addition to the whole setup.

You can hang the floral vines from the roof of the tent or can use them as the curtains. You can also craft the vines and make them into a floral chandelier. You don’t need to go over the top by adding flowers everywhere, but just throwing them in with a mix of other decor elements is something that’ll amp up the look of the wedding.


Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is something that’ll make the guests feel welcomed at your wedding. It is important that you decide on something that goes with the theme as it’ll be the first thing that the guests will come across as soon as they enter the wedding venue.

Wedding sign is really great way to set the tone of your wedding in style. From different signs made of actually to something that’s carved out of wood, there are many different options you can choose from.


Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth where the guests can take their insta-worthy images with some fun props like giant glasses, moustaches, top hats etc. A photo booth can be a traditional one or can be something that’s lively and vibrant.

A great looking photo booth is all about a great backdrop and some really amazing props. Adding in some personal touches will be a great idea as well. You can go ahead and DIY the photo booths at your wedding with the help of your friends and family members as well.


These are some of the amazing additions that we think are really necessary if you are opting to get wed in a wedding lawn. Incorporating these ideas in the wedding is sure to amp up your wedding look and will surely make your wedding memorable for the guests.

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